Brass balls for ball valves to support autism

Brass balls for ball valves to support autism

Sferc, a company based in Lumezzane (in the province of Brescia) specialising in the production of brass balls for ball valves, supports AutiSmArt - Onlus, a nonprofit association that aims to provide free training and to create jobs in the field of arts for individuals with "high-functioning" autism (HFA).
Customers can join the initiative by purchasing the balls produced by Sferc. In fact, the company has decided to donate 10 euro per 1,000 kilograms of brass balls for valves sold between April and July 2017.
Many Sferc customers have already joined the project, since they immediately understood its important social value, thus contributing to a project aimed at raising awareness, providing information and ensuring integration for people with autism.
To support this project, Sferc will also soon share an informative video on HFA autism in order to highlight the fact that, despite their diversity and difficulty in interacting with other people and their surroundings, these people also have traits of ingeniousness and excellent creativity.
Autism is not a disease. A disease has a diagnosis and a cure: autism, however, cannot be cured. Autism is a syndrome that involves a person's whole morphology, affecting every aspect of his/her being. Every person with autism is unique and one in a million, since this syndrome has infinite combinations.
Let’s help promote information, scientific research, support and integration for these young boys and girls. By submitting your order of SFERC brass balls for ball valves, you will contribute to helping AutiSmArt - Onlus. 

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