Brass Balls Products

The company's product range includes multiple types of balls: two-way, with three or four holes, with platens and double slits, with vent holes, with inclined platens.

Please note that new types of product can also be considered. Sferc, in fact, has not only established a solid partnership with an external company with the latest generation work centres, but research and development of new solutions are also the basis of our corporate mission and are among the factors that have enabled us to be the leader in the production of valve balls.

01  Two-way balls Two-way balls

Product made with a single through-hole and made with or without lightening outlets. The outlets, made according to customer specifications, allow costs to be limited whilst ensuring the proper operation of the ball.

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02  Perforated balls Perforated 

Product made with one or more additional holes compared to the 2-way ball with the option of performing the process in the slot, at 90° or at 180° with respect to the through-hole, inclined or blind.

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03  Special balls Special balls

Products manufactured in-house using advanced machinery and/or in collaboration with an external partner. We manufacture balls with platens and double slits in the classic 2-way version or with a 3rd and 4th hole, with 45° platens, with inclined holes and internal recesses. We assess new products and types.

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04  Insert balls Insert balls

Product made with an insert structure. Sferc has now 20 years of experience in manufacturing this technology. It makes both the classic 2-way version and the 3-way version with and without reinforcement.

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We manufacture balls for
water, gas and air valves

Balls for water valves WATER
Balls for air valves AIR
Balls for gas valves GAS


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