BRASS BALLS production

Sferc produces a wide range of balls made from brass bar, solid moulded, insert moulded and reinforced; the pieces can then undergo various additional processes resulting in diamond-coated, rolled, chrome-plated, barrel chrome-plated or barrel nickel-plated balls depending on the intended use and customer requirements.

The current Sferc brass balls production process is able to process various brass alloys (CW602N – CW617N – CW613N – CW510L according to Standards UNI EN 12164 and UNI EN 12165 compatible with DIN 50930-6). Always attentive to regulatory changes, Sferc is currently testing new types of brass in collaboration with the best Italian companies. The balls with standard sizes and finishes are generally available in stock, while the special balls, both in small and large batches, are made to order.

The latest generation machines used in the production departments ensure absolutely accurate machining and enable always punctual deliveries, two cornerstones of the Sferc policy. The company also packs the product in cardboard boxes with plastic sheets, to ensure its integrity in all stages of handling and transport, if requested and as standard for international shipping.

Brass Balls production process

The production process involves obtaining the balls from a single work centre or using two or more machines.

02 Surface treatments Balls surface treatments

On customer request the balls can be supplied with various surface treatments, such as rack chrome-plating, barrel chrome-plating and barrel nickel-plating.

03 Quality
balls quality

The production process is constantly monitored with statistical checks and advanced instruments.

Balls Packaging

The balls intended for the Italian market are normally put in crates or metal containers which are then returned by the customer.

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