Brass sphere, hollow sphere and chrome spheres

Sferc Srl was founded in 1985 in Lumezzane, Brescia (Italy), and from the beginning it has produced brass balls for ball valves. In its sector, the company immediately gained an important position thanks to the availability, competence and flexibility that set it apart, characteristics that still help to keep it highly competitive at the international level.

Always attentive to market demands, Sferc is a constantly evolving company, able to offer to its clients both customised and standard products, and always attentive to the quality of the processing methods.

Thanks to the efforts over the years, to the excellent feedback from customers achieved both at national and international level, and the innovative spirit that has always characterised the company, in 2005 Sferc Sferc moved into a new and larger production site, with suitable production and storage areas to meet the multiple requirements of the contemporary market.

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We manufacture balls for
water, gas and air valves

Balls for water valves WATER
Balls for air valves AIR
Balls for gas valves GAS


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